2 responses to “Blair Wingo – Allow me to re-introduce the Christ

  1. Talking over 7 minutes and it’s essentially about asking the audience’s permission (more like demanding the right to) “allow me to re-introduce the Christ”…fair enough. So why didn’t you do so? I’m just listening and waiting for your point to be made, Christ to be re-introduced but it’s not happening…instead you keep overemphasizing how bad we need Christ to be re-introduced…not the Christ, that is cool and my homeboy, and so on….Okay, but then what Christ are you talking about…you tell us what Christ is not like…but eventually you miss the point here and fail to re-introduce the real Christ while keep demanding the right to do so.

  2. Sorry to say, but you have problem understanding poetry. You are thinking in a too logical way, which is not bad, but not enough understanding poetry. By the way, telling something positive it’s possible even in a negative way, or negating what that thing is not, in this case telling what the Real Christ is not like. You shold read a bit about, and try to think, let’s say, Eastern Orthodox theology, or other way of thought, like poetry, not just in everyday logical, scientifical way. And you should read about the author too in order to understand what he/she is saying.

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