Recommended Books

unashamed …workman különböző kategórába sorolja az általa ajánlott könyveket:
100 Recommended Reads

Frank Viola recommends his “exceptional” Christian book list:
Must-Have-In-Yoour-Library Book List

Paul Washer által ajánlott könyvek különböző kategóriába sorolva:

David Lyle Heffery divides his list in three cathegories

ezt a listát román nyelvre adaptálta Sebastian Thaci a saját blogján:
Raftul creștinului începător

John Starke, Collin Hansen és Andy Naselli összeállította a top 5 listát,  a2010-ben SUA-ban megjelent több, mint 260,000 könyv közül:
TGC Staff: Recommended 2010 Books

Joseph E. McGee összeállított egy listát (2006 óta nincs felújítva!) Déli-Baptista irányzattal
A Comprehensive Guide To Establishing A Southern Baptist Library

Moore College Online bookshop‘s aim is to offer a comprehensive selection of good Christian books:
List Of Recommended Commentaries and Reference Works

John Dyer developed the Best Commentaries site, where you can find the best Bible Commentary books reviewed and rated and recommended by John Glyn, D. A. Carson, Tremper Longman III, Jim Rosscup, Derek Thomas, John Piper, R. C. Sproul, Denver Seminary Journal and more….
Best Commentaries

David Mattis publikálta a 2010-ben olvasott top 5 (plusz négy) listáját
Top 5 Books Read in 2010

Szabados Ádám közölte blogján két évi olvasmányai közül a legjobbakat
Legjobb olvasmányaim 2009-2010-ben

2 responses to “Recommended Books

  1. Dear Friends,
    As much as one would like to read various books on any given subject, it requires the spending of money, that could be used for more valued things. However, if you are truly willing to spend hard-earned money, you can choose to do so at your behest!
    I highly recommend the books distributed by the New Life Mission! Not only are they totally in harmoney with God’s Word the Holy Bible, but they can be obtained free of charge. You can order a book through
    It is highly recommended that you do!
    In Christ Jesus from whom all blessings flow, be blessed!

    • Thanks for the recommendation, I know Paul C. Jong’s books, but I’m not really satisfied. What he does he only repeats himself millions of times, so after a while it becomes boring.

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