Christian rock

Is there such a thing as ‘Christian rock (or pop) music’? The way to begin answering that question is this: is there such a thing as ‘Christian music’ at all? What do we mean by the phrase? Are we describing the music? Take a sheet of music from a ‘Christian song’ and one from a ‘secular song’. Are they essentially different? Is a B flat in a hymn any different from one in a bawdy rock number? Can you tell a Christian quaver from a non-Christian one? Is there such a thing as godly guitar, a sanctified saxophone or a born again bassoon? Nobody is questioning the point that one can have Christian musicians, but the simple fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as ‘Christian music’. There are Christians and there is music; there is good music and there is bad music (and that statement has nothing to do with taste, style, culture or the age of the performer or listener); there is music that reflects God’s glory and music that does not. We can take it further: there are Christians who write and play bad music, and non-Christians who write and play good music. Music is not ‘good’ because it is performed in a religious context, any more than music is ‘bad’ because it is being performed in a ‘secular’ context. All these divisions tend to blur the truth. Music must be judged not by its context but by its content. Beautiful flowers can be found in a dusty desert and poisonous plants in a lovely garden.

(Pop Goes The Gospel, John Blanchard withPeter Anderson & Derek Clave, Evangelical Press, 1983, p. 21-22.)

6 responses to “Christian rock

  1. Salut,
    Am cautat adresa ta de e-mail pentru ca vreau sa te invit sa participi la un proiect legat de carte numit “anul 2009 exprimat in carti”, proiect ce se desfasoara pana la sfarsitul lunii ianuarie. Pentru ca nu am gasit-o iti las aici un comentariu pe care il poti sterge ulterior.
    Tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa ne spui care sunt cele 5 carti care te-au marcat sau impresionat placut in 2009 si sa le recomanzi in cateva cuvinte si altora.
    Mai multe detalii despre proiect gasesti aici
    Multumesc si astept cu interes raspunsul tau.

  2. Salut echipa gramma. Multumesc pentru stire. Am mai citit-o undeva, dar nu-mi este clar despre ce carti este vorba. Trebuie sa marturisesc ca in lb romana nu prea am citit, mai mult in engleza sau maghiara. Poate ar trebui sa iau mai in serios aceasta ocazie.

  3. you don’t bring music in a christian congregation and call it approved of God that comes out of the world. I disagree with anyone who says you cannot tell the difference between true hyms and any other so called christian music. You are not to bring the worlds’ music, that the spirit behind it, that causes people to bang their hands, leads to sexual immorality, the desire for drugs. What I am trying to say is that it is so important to chose carefully what you allow in your music just and you would be careful to know who you are allowing in your pulpit. There is a spirit behind music. You don’t bring that worldly spirit of music and put it on the stage and change a few words,(maybe add Jesus) a say it is appropriate for our congregations. We have been sucker by the spirits that drive worldly music and because that spirit was so beguiling we now bow to him every Sunday and give worship to the spirit behind every ungodly trend. The sad thing about it is, that spirit watches all his work and stand by and laughs about how gullible the modern church is. God give us discernment to know what is behind every music we bring into our churches, because just as a pastor; music preaches.

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