Disciplined Writing

By: John Burkett

1. On Disciplined Writing (1): How to Get Started Writing

Writing Practice 101: Three Writing Disciplines:

1. Keep a Spiritual Journal.
2. Write Personal Letters.
3. Imitate Your Favorite Authors.

2. On Disciplined Writing (2): Theology and Writing 101

Theology and Writing Theory 101.

– writing is an art of communication

God the Author and the Conversation of Mankind.
– by writing, we enter the conversation, by dialoguing with an author
– our dialogic drama begins with God as a Trinity and as an Author.

The Holy Trinity and the “Dialogic Self.”
– According to Augustine, our “dialogic self” is always already in dialogue with, and “possessed” by, another voice–namely (at some level) God.

3. On Disciplined Writing (3): Writing Praxis 101

Writing Praxis 101: Audience-Message-Author.

Audience First
– This audience is our “dialogic self” (we are our own first reader), our God (the ever-present ”super-addressee”), our direct audience if any (whom we directly address), and an indirect audience (someone we imagine who may read our work, such as a respected parent, brother, sister, mentor, or friend).

A follow-up article may arrive later (discussing Christian perspectives of message and author).

2 responses to “Disciplined Writing

  1. Pretty interesting stuff. Always important to make God part of the creative landscape. I feel many people overlook the great Looker.

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