Disciplined Reading

  1. On Disciplined Reading
  2. What Should I Read? Choosing from a Vast Array of Options
  3. How Should I Read? Tips on Getting the Most from Your Reading
  4. Why Should I Read? Other Advantages of Reading
  5. Questions, Answers, and Concluding Thoughts

On “what” to read, he offers these principles:

  1. Guard your time in the Scriptures.
  2. Avoid limiting yourself by era, tribe, or category.
  3. Reading the great authors is more helpful than reading a great number of books.
  4. Make a list of categories and read a selected number of books each year, in each category.
  5. Read a few select journals and magazines

On “how” to read, he offers these tips:

  1. If you would like to become a disciplined reader, you probably need to make a plan.
  2. Figure out your “reading style.”
  3. Always carry a book.
  4. If possible, drink and read at the same time.

On “why” to read, and suggests that reading does the following:

  • sharpens the mind
  • exercises the mind
  • gives one something about which to converse
  • allows one to “travel” to other times and places
  • reduces stress
  • provides an inexpensive and low maintenance form of entertainmen

In the final post, he answers questions he’s been asked throughout the series, on:

  • How to find books to read
  • How to find time to read
  • How to choose between print and electronic media
  • How to keep discipline from being drudgery
  • How to retain and organize what is learned from a book

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