World Hunger

Where You Find World Hunger…

35 nations face malnutrition, food shortfalls, and huge price spikes.


Wheat harvest expected to decline by 1 million tons due to extended drought.


Violent conflicts over food and energy production cause 30 people to die.


Severe storms in September kill 300; millions at risk of sever hunger. In April , food riots kill 5.


Malnutrition worsens for 24,000 Sudanese refugees on eastern border.


Worst drought in 60 years devastates local formers; 135,000 people receive aid.

North Korea

$500 million in food aid needed due to drought and poor harvests.


Cyclone in May leaves 130,000 dead or missing. Agencies fly in 4,000 tons of cargo.


Heavy monsoons trigger extensive flooding, leaving 400,000 homless.

Sri Lanka

160,000 need emergency food aid due to new conflict with Tamil rebels in the north.


Ongoing political crisis triggers food price spikes and cholera outbreak.


UN delivers 197,000 metric tons of food to stop starvation due to widespread drought.

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