12-13 – Baia Mare, Romania
13-17 – Oradea – Sannicolau de Munte, Romania
17-18 – Ip, Romania
18-2 – Backa Moravita, Serbia Montenegro

2-16 – Berehovo, Ukraine
16 – Zalau, Romania
16-17 – Ip, Romania
17-22 – Hargita Camp, Vlahita, Romania
23-24 – Ip or Baia Mare, Romania
25-30 – Camp, Baia Mare youth group

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2 responses to “SUMMER Plan

  1. Multumesc pentru mentionarea in blogroll. Nu stiu cine sunteti, si articolul “About – Rolam” fiind parolat, nu am cum afla acest lucru.
    Mult succes in a-L sluji pe Dumnezeu,

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