Philip Yancey

The Healing Pen
Philip Yancey writes to save his past—and others’ futures.

2 responses to “Philip Yancey

  1. It’s interesting to listen to you take such outrageous swipes at those you refer to as Fundamentalist. I am a Fundamentalist – that is, I promote the fundamentals of the Bible. Yet I recognized little of the caricatures you insisted on attributing to me and those who see the Bible and Christianity as I do; the caricatures you insist on promoting in such a backhanded and snide manner.

    I also find it interesting that Phillip’s view of the response of people to the truth. Any thoughtful Fundamentalist would know not to expect a lot of people to respond to the truth. It’s fundamental – people don’t like the Jesus of the Bible and unless God acts on their hearts they will be generally hostile to the truths of the Word.

  2. Dear Melvin,
    Sorry for the hostile style of this article, it is not written by me, I just found it on the internet and posted it, because I like Philip Yancey. I live in Romania, where you won’t find this fundamentalist vs.non-fundamentalist fight. It was not my purpose to offend anybody.
    It is true that people do not respond positively to the truth, but that is not an excuse for us. I think we should make every effort to present the truth in a way that is close to peoples hearts, and I think that Yancey does a very good job. And also think that any view you take, fundamentalist or not, charismatic or conservative, you will have brothers in the other camp too.
    God bless.

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